Acquisition, sale, merger (M&A),
legal support for venture capital investment

In the life of a company, a transaction such as a merger or a large-scale investment is always a high priority, a defining event. It fundamentally transforms the way the company operates. This type of transaction will be successful if you start with the right strategy, i.e. every step is carefully and professionally prepared. The regular legal framework for strategic and transaction management plays a crucial role in ensuring that every detail is executed according to the objectives. This is particularly important when it comes to cross-border M&A transactions (mergers and acquisitions).

Are you planning to sell or buy a company?

Then you are preparing for an unusual business transaction, for which you need to examine a number of legal and financial conditions, risks, prepare contracts, make important decisions. Contact Gloner&Partners Law Firm and we will help you prepare the transaction with our experienced legal team, support you with legal advice in decision-making and contract development.

How can we help you?

Financial due diligence

Before a transaction takes place in which companies are merged, sold or bought, the professional process is to map and prioritize the risks. An essential part of this is the financial due diligence of the companies in question, the identification and evaluation of financial and hidden risks. If you would like to use a full financial due diligence service as an investor, please feel free to contact Glóner Law Firm. Even in the case of partially initiated transactions, it is not too late to ask for financial due diligence – contact us with confidence!

Legal due diligence

Legal due diligence is also part of pre-transaction preparations such as the sale, merger or purchase of a company. Mapping the legal situation of a company involves, in addition to reviewing contractual and legal risks, getting acquainted with the company's employment law conditions, contracts and inspection.

With this in mind, legal details of the transaction can be worked out and suggestions can be made regarding possible safeguards to be defined in the contract.

As any participant in the transaction, you need our legal due diligence service, with our experienced legal team providing safe and professional solutions.

Tax screening

With detailed tax screening, they can be determined, evaluated, and then, knowing this, the tax risks of buying and merging a company can be reduced by taking the appropriate steps. Without knowledge of the short- and long-term tax implications of such transactions, it would hardly be possible to put a reassuring end to the transactions. In order to get to know the situation of the company involved in the transaction in detail, be sure to carry out a tax screening. 

We also offer our services to companies that need to be professionally prepared for tax screening. Call our staff and you will receive support from a professional legal team in the tax screening before M&A transactions.

Legal support for venture capital investment, advice

We have used our experience in venture capital investments in a number of domestic and international transactions. Our advice covers investment and exit transactions, legal regulatory and compliance advice. We offer our full range of services primarily to venture capital and private equity funds and fund managers. 

You can contact us with questions related to management, legal, regulatory, direct investments, as well as projects to be implemented in a complex regulatory environment, but we can also help you compile basic management policies.

Thanks to our international network of contacts, from advising on business and legal responsibilities we are able to support you in entering the U.S. market in various fields for your product or services, or finding the ideal venture capitalist for your company or startup.