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Competition law

In connection with the Hungarian and EU competition legislation on the control of fair economic competition and the protection of consumers, there are a number of topics in everyday life: merger problems when companies merge, trademark, infringement cases, consumer fraud, abuse of significant market power, etc. As these issues depend heavily on the nature of the business or the legal environment, most competition investigations that arise require a high degree of caution and specific approaches. When it comes to cross-border issues, this is especially true.

How can we help you?

If you are involved in a competition authority procedure or a competition law compensation case, please contact our colleagues and use the legal representation of Gloner&Partners Law Firm.

We provide our clients with professional and practical answers to questions related to unfair competition, trademark and character infringements, consumer fraud and a number of other competition issues.

In the due diligence phases prior to typically large-scale transactions (company sales, mergers, etc.), competition risks are usually mapped. This is important in order to avoid possible mergers and to be able to submit the necessary applications to the competition authority in a timely manner. In addition to our financial, tax and legal due diligence services, we also carry out merger investigations and competition due diligence.

Competition advice

Fair trade and economic competition is in the interest of all actors. Before buying-ins and mergers, it is worth having an audit, due diligence carried out in accordance with the rules of competition law and seeking legal advice on the subject so that any mergers are revealed in a timely manner. By assessing merger risks in advance, the parties can protect each other from a number of long-term problems – it is not advisable to exclude this step from the different due diligence processes. If your company is about to make this type of transaction, be sure to seek legal support.

Our colleagues not only carry out thorough and professional due diligence, but if it is necessary to submit applications to the competition authority in competition law subjects, you can also entrust us with compiling them.

Every company and entrepreneur protects their own brand, product and ideas. No wonder, since if you sell well-known, popular products that have already entered the market, sooner or later the given company itself will be identified with the product by consumers, and it will be recognized more and more easily – and this is already the path to success. However, if a competitor copies and starts selling a product with a very similar appearance as his own, it not only harms the company in question, but also deceives consumers.

Competition authority proceedings may be opened in a number of similar cases, and violations of trade mark (unauthorized use of a trade mark, brand) or infringement of character (slavish imitation) may also arise if the brand or product or product placement is not protected by registered industrial protection. Such cases should not be allowed to go unres far, as they can cause serious damage to your business in the long run. If you are harmed in this way, your company will be disadvantaged, so please contact our office for legal advice as soon as possible.

If a competition authority is involved in such or similar cases, ask for professional legal support from the experienced legal team of the Gloner Law Firm. Our office provides legal representation to its clients not only in proceedings before the Hungarian Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH), but also in the competition supervision procedure of the EU Commission.

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Energy law

In today’s world, as a result of increasing changes in the energy market, the domestic and EU regulatory environments are constantly changing. Industry players need a high level of knowledge of the fast market and regulatory environment, not only from the legal but also from the business side, which is essential for managers to make the best business decision.

How can we help you?

If you need any legal advice on energy matters, please contact Gloner Law Firm and use the services of our energy specialists.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in the domestic, EU and international energy markets through compliance with regulatory issues, from electricity, natural gas, renewable energy, and mining to waste management.

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Our lawyers are able to effectively provide legal representation to energy market companies, including legal support for participation in energy market tenders, from regulatory licensing procedures, to the preparation of energy trade contracts, regulatory issues and participation in energy tenders.