Data protection

Data protection and cybersecurity are both serious legal and business issues. For example, the way a company handles the data of users, employees and partners directly entrusted with it, or the dataset that can be read from the processes of operation, must be regular and secure in several directions. On the one hand, of course, it must comply with Hungarian and EU data protection and data security rules, while this alone is not always enough: an active cybersecurity toolkit must also be equipped against deliberate attacks, abuses and data thefts. The two areas are therefore closely related and therefore require a complex approach.

How can we help you?

Gloner&Partners Law Firm’s unique IT and legal experts provide complex solutions to our clients, from compiling data protection statements to representing cybersecurity and data protection abuse litigation. We help you navigate between international and domestic data protection laws, and we help reduce corporate data protection risks with legal and IT expert advice.

Development of policies and declarations

If a company is engaged in online activities (e.g. it operates a webshop, provides registered services to visitors to the website), it must not only ensure data security, but also inform its visitors in a data protection statement about the conditions in which their data is used and managed securely.

Contact our office and we will prepare a complex data management strategy related to your company's online operation. We can also help you develop privacy and cybersecurity policies.

Data protection and cybersecurity advice

The employer is obliged to ensure that the personal data of its employees is adequately secure. Think of company email addresses, surveillance cameras, access control systems, or even financial and health information — all of which contain personal information that needs to be handled and protected with increased security.

In the same way, if a company plans to send newsletters to partners and customers on a regular basis, for example, we will again run into data protection issues. Moreover, if these issues involve foreign parties, i.e. the transfer of data extends across borders, particular caution should be exercised. Contact us and we will provide you with data protection and cybersecurity advice tailored to your company and marketing activities.

Handling data protection disputes

If there are data protection violations at the company or you have questions about the interpretation and application of the law by data protection authorities, or if you need advice and legal representation in a case involving cybersecurity, data protection and personal data abuse, please contact the legal team of Gloner Law Firm.

Professional cybersecurity services

With our cybersecurity experts, we provide a range of services to help companies secure their digital operations. In addition to vulnerability scans, vulnerability, cloud security surveys and intrusion testing, source code analysis, we also provide ethical hacking services. But we also have extensive experience in digital trace analytics, Cyber threat hunting, OSINT and Red Teaming services.

Gloner&Partner’s Cyber Intelligent Center provides its customers with managed security services, advanced analytics, intelligent automation technologies, and integrated cybersecurity services. Our foundation is continuous innovation, the primary purpose of which is complete end-to-end data security. Entrust us with your company's cybersecurity and data protection tasks, and we will work out solutions with the best in the industry.