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Citizens from outside the European Union can apply for a residence permit in Hungary on a number of grounds. In addition to working or studying, it is common for someone to want to settle in Hungary for business or investment purposes, but there are other reasons, so it is worth exploring the possibilities well – ask for the help of our expert!

Do you want to work, or do business in Hungary, in the European Union?

When you’re about to settle in another country, whatever your original goal is, you’ll have to consider several factors. For example, if you have a family, how, when and under what conditions you will be able to bring family members with you, where children will be able to go to school, how they will overcome language barriers, the opportunities of traveling, doing business or working, etc. The best way to get started on these plans is to get the right legal and practical support.

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Investment advice, legal assistance

If a citizen comes from a country outside the European Union for business, such as real estate investment purposes, it is possible to acquire the requested residence permit in Hungary in about 3 months – this way he/she can travel visa-free in the European Union and live and work anywhere.

To do this, you must establish your company or purchase the necessary real estates.

The establishment of a company in Hungary takes 4-5 working days, and after the opening of the company bank account, the activity can be started immediately (e.g. real estate rental, management). Through a successful business, you will have a permanent income in Hungary, so you will have the right to apply for a residence permit.

If you come to Hungary for investment and business purposes, contact Gloner&Partners Law Firm and you will get all your questions answered!

Application for residence permits, extension

The Hungarian residence permit allows the applicant and his/her family members to live, work and travel in the States of the European Union without restrictions, and even business opportunities open up for them. When administering a residence permit that can be applied for in Hungary, it can be a great help for a person from abroad if he does not have to cope alone in the mazes of the offices.

It is very important that if you want to apply for a residence permit, be sure to check the expiration date of your passport! Your passport must still be valid for a minimum of 90 days after the expiry of the requested residence permit, otherwise your application must be rejected regardless of any other circumstances.

If you already have a residence permit, you can apply for an extension no later than 30 days before it expires. The situation under which you obtained your original residence permit must continue (e.g. operating company, workplace, school, etc.)

If you come to Hungary to work, undertake or invest, please contact Gloner&Partners Law Firm and expect full, professional administration.

Residence permit advice

It is important to know what opportunities a non-EU citizen has if he/she wishes to apply for a residence permit in Hungary, and what it will entail if he/she receives this permit. For example, in order to be social security insured, you must be a resident of Hungary or have a Hungarian residence permit.

Once you have obtained a residence permit and enter the healthcare system, the care will cover basic health care in both domestic and EU countries and cover their costs.

You can set up a company and apply for a residence permit in Hungary as a citizen of any country in the world, and since Hungary is a member of the European Union, you can travel freely not only in Hungary, but in many European countries without a visa.

There are many important details to know, but you don't have to go through everything alone. Our office undertakes legal advice on residence permits, from free consultation to obtaining a permit, please contact the staff of our office with confidence! Ask for a free consultation on your options.

Doing business in Hungary and the EU

Hungary is an extremely good investment destination, one of the most developing economies in the Central European region, the Hungarian government awaits those wishing to do business here with favorable tax rules and an excellent investment environment, who may also be helped by a number of EU and direct national state subsidies and grants.

We provide full, legal, tax and business advice on your options. Ask for a consultation.

USA Permanent Residency with EB5 Investor Visa

Our immigration attorneys are specialized in EB5 investment Green Card services, we provide the legal representation you need to obtain your permanent residency.

The United States EB5 Immigrant Investor Program is a visa program which gives permanent U.S. Residency to a foreign individual who invests a certain amount of capital in a new commercial enterprise or in a government approved project.

The USA EB5 investment visa can be beneficial as it grants access to the U.S. education system, the right to live, retire, work and study in the USA, the ability to receive investment back upon the completion of the project and residency for the investor, any children and their spouse.

In this special program foreign investors must make a capital investment in a for-profit U.S. business entity. The required investment amount is $800,000 in a targeted employment are (TEA) or $1.05 million elsewhere, the EB5 investments must lead to the creation of 10 fulltime U.S. jobs that exist for at least two years.

Investments may be made in two ways: 1) Direct investment or 2) through a government-approved Eb5 regional center.

Direct investment

In the direct method, the foreign individual invests directly in the enterprise

Investors must prove that their investment will directly create 10 full-time jobs within two years of the visa petition's approval. Direct investment is best for those who want more hands-on control of their investment and would like to engage in the daily business operations, leadership. If individuals want to start their own business or expand a preexisting one, and therefore seek greater control of their investment and company operations, the direct method may be the better option.

Through a government-approved Eb5 regional center

In the regional center method, the foreign individual invests in an enterprise through a government-approved regional center.

The minimum investment amount is $1.05 million, or $800,000 if the investment project is located in a targeted employment area (TEA). The regional center investor are satisfying the job creation requirement in this government approved program. Investment through regional centers suits those who want a more hands off approach, where they are not responsible for the direct management of their investment. A regional center is an approved organization to promote economic growth, allowing many investors to fund one enterprise, from real estate developments to infrastructure projects.

US Citizenship by investment

Receiving a Green Card via the EB-5 visa route, investors can apply for USA citizenship after five years of Permanent Residency. This process is known as Naturalization.

If you want to secure your family’s future with a U.S. permanent residency, contact Gloner&Partners Law Firm and our immigration legal experts will take you all the way.