Intellectual property law
media law

Intellectual property law covers two areas of copyright and industrial property rights. Our intellectual creations can be extremely valuable: a company name, a logo, a novel, a film, a program, a musical work, etc. And since the preservation of intellectual property, as opposed to property and its specific physical stationaries, is an extremely complex task, they are subject to special legislation. Unauthorized use, copyright infringement can lead not only to heated disputes, but also to serious property damages or even protracted litigation. It is best to prevent such cases with clear contracts and professional trademarking.

How can we help you?

Unauthorized use of intellectual property can cause serious material damage to the owner. The most basic way to protect your intellectual property in an official form is trademark registration or contractual protection. Gloner&Partners Law Firm has extensive experience in conducting domestic and international trademark registrations. Contact our office with confidence and we will help you register your intellectual property in an official form.

Legal advice on co-production intellectual property

Where works are the common intellectual property of several persons, such as film or music co-productions, contracts should be drawn up with particular care and issues of use clarified in advance along a solid system. The inclusion of copyrights and rights to film and music productions in a contract can help prevent a number of serious disputes. Our experts help you to compile co-production contracts, service contracts and answer copyright questions.

Draft franchise agreements

Franchise contracts are partly part of this branch of law, which, although mainly business-related, are of economic relevance, but the section on intellectual property, intellectual property and its use is crucial in such agreements. And this is not only a matter of licenses, but also of an obligation to preserve the individual character of the intellectual product. Whether you are about to enter into a franchise agreement with domestic or foreign partners, be sure to bring in legal experts to the contract.

Businesses whose main profile is to create intellectual property (think software development companies, for example, or even publishers and newspapers) should also cover copyright issues and the uses and conditions of intellectual property in contracts with employees.

If such an intellectual product is resold to partners and users, it is also essential to clarify the possibilities or prohibition of the use of intellectual property.

Contact Gloner Law Firm and we provide complex solutions for your company to ensure the legal protection of your intellectual creations in your contracts. Also in case of copyright disputes, please contact us with confidence. We provide comprehensive patent and industrial property services both in Hungary and internationally, with legal representation before domestic and international patent offices. Ask for our offer.

Media and film law advice

In the field of media law, these branches are typically interconnected, be it television or film productions, online or print newspapers, other publications. From consulting, through legal representation, the formulation of copyright clauses in contracts with employees to individual contracts with partners, you can count on our legal team on all intellectual property and media law issues.

Our experienced legal experts provide a full range of legal services for domestic and international film productions, from the conclusion of individual business and investment contracts, through legal tasks related to certain intellectual works, to legal advice on state tax refunds.