International Arbitration
(ICSID Representation, EU Law)

It is increasingly common for parties in different countries, whether companies with locations, headquarters or individuals in different countries, to agree on so-called international arbitration at the time of conclusion of the contract. The essence of this is that if there are any disputes between the parties, it will not be the court of one of their countries that will have jurisdiction in the case, but the international arbitration jointly defined in the treaty.

Do you plan to do business with a foreign-based company?

Nowadays, it is common for companies operating in different countries to enter into business agreements, contracts, or individuals from the same state contract with each other or with foreign companies. However, if disputes arise during the cross-border partnership, the question arises: which party’s country should be asked to take the decision? Work has begun on how to avoid such cases, and it is now increasingly popular for the parties to appoint a jointly defined and accepted international arbitration court in the treaty to resolve disputes. If you are about to conclude such a contract or if a dispute has arisen, please contact Gloner Law Firm.

How can we help you?

Legal advice on draft international treaties

If you are preparing to conclude an international contract with a foreign partner as a company established or based in or outside Hungary, or as an individual, be sure to seek professional legal advice for international arbitration. This is necessary because there are many options for arbitration institutions, seats and governing law. In other words, it does not matter which countries are in question, what situation it is, who the parties are, and what is the most appropriate international arbitration agreement.

Please feel free to contact Gloner Law Firm, as our team has extensive experience in developing and formulating arbitration conditions built into contracts, so you can be sure that we provide you with personalized and professional legal advice on international arbitration issues.

International arbitration representation

If an international arbitral tribunal is designated as the arbitrator in the contracts of both parties and a dispute arises between the parties, international arbitration shall follow. This method of procedure has several advantages over national court proceedings

Decisions are taken through greater secrecy and a more flexible procedure, and the prospects for enforcement are much better than in national court proceedings. However, in order to be in the strongest possible position to negotiate and settle the dispute, it is important to have competent legal assistance in international arbitration and experience in such proceedings.

Thanks to our international relations, our legal team provides international arbitration representation to our clients in many foreign cities (New York, Washington DC, London, etc.). Contact our staff and you can start settling the dispute with expert support.

ICSID representation

The International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) is an international forum dedicated specifically to the settlement of disputes arising from economic developments and investments between different states. It also has a dedicated objective of internationally facilitating the possibility of large-scale private investment and reassuringly resolving or eliminating the legal circumstances that hinder such investments. The team of Gloner&Partners Law Firm consists of accomplished lawyers with experience in international arbitration consulting and procedural practice, and besides numerous international arbitration institutions, it also represents cases belonging to the ICSID. Thanks to our extensive domestic and international contacts, we know and understand the most important local cultural, business and political issues, as well as applicable local laws.

EU law

The experts of Gloner&Partners Law Firm are also to assist its Hungarian and foreign clients with legal advice on all areas of EU law. We also represent our clients before the EU institutions, ranging from the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg, through the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg to legal representation before the EU institutions based in Brussels.

Furthermore, our experienced colleagues can provide assistance in legal and business issues related to both domestic and direct EU tender opportunities, investments and state subsidies.