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One does not buy or sell property every day. Whether the sale is for business or personal reasons, we may face many new and unknown issues, but the legal framework of the sale must be clarified. In the course of a real estate sale or purchase, a number of legal conditions must be met in order for the transaction to be concluded with reassurance for both parties: a professional and precise real estate sales contract is essential. But it is much more than the need for a lawyer to countersign the contract: the careful compilation of the real estate sales contract is the basis for the seller and the buyer to be satisfied after such an unusual sale, and to be fully legally assured.

Are you going to sell or buy a property?

During a real estate sale, valuable things change owners, so whether one or more small apartments, family houses, plots or industrial, investment properties are the subject of the sale, it is always important to use professional legal services to conclude a contract.

There are serious pitfalls and risks of buying and selling real estate, so you should never agree to superficial solutions. Always consult real estate experts before buying and selling, even during the planning period. Seek professional legal advice on real estate sales matters and entrust the contract to a professional team.

How can we help you?

The real estate law team of Gloner&Partners Law Firm is guaranteed to give our clients the attention, care and expertise necessary for the sale of real estate.

Real estate sales

The experts of our real estate law group provide full legal support in real estate sales cases. With our service, we professionally carry out all legal and administrative tasks of the real estate sales contract to our clients and assist them with any other real estate sales issues.

Experienced, flexible real estate experts

In addition to legal advice related to the sale of real estate, you can entrust all legal tasks arising in the conduct of real estate transactions to us. The experts of our real estate law group have extensive experience from preparation, through legal due diligence, complex sales, planning, construction and installation, rental, operating contract  for relevant land registration to other official procedures.

Anywhere in the country, on any property

We undertake the administration of real estate sales contracts throughout the country, so wherever the property is, please contact our team with confidence. For all tasks related to the property – from the drafting of documents to full representation in official procedures – you can count on us whether it is a small apartment or a large industrial facility.

Real estate development contracts

We also have extensive experience in the development and editing of contracts related to real estate and hotel developments, EPC contracts as well as special document-editing legal tasks related to other construction and planning contracts.